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We love parties, and we love to help you to plan yours--from birthday party to bridal shower!
Great Group Discounts!
Parties of 10 or more receive a $5/person discount on pottery studio fees. 20 or more, and you also get 15% off your items!
Ready to book yours?

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For parties of 10 or more, we prefer that you book at least a week in advance. Doing so ensures that you will have space reserved and that there are no major scheduling conflicts with other parties. On occasion, we will book more than one party for a given time slot if we are sure that both with have lots of room and staff attention. We really hope to see you at your scheduled time, but we do not require a deposit. There is no time limit on your party, but we suggest you give yourself an hour or two. 

Studio Fees: 
Usually, the studio fee is $10. But if you have 10 or more PAINTERS, the studio fee drops to $5. If you have 20 or more painters, you get the $5 studio fee as well as a 15% discount on your items.  

Item Selection: 
Unless you request, your guests will be welcome to pick from all of our items. If you are working with younger children and want to stick to a budget, you are welcome to come in advance and select items that they may chose from. We will put them on a cart for you the day of your party. 

We are one of the largest paint pottery studios in the nation! Most of the time, having adequate seating is not a problem; however, we get super busy during the holidays and can only guarantee enough seats for those in the party who are painting. 

We do not cater or provide food, but you are welcome to bring whatever you want! Some people keep it simple with a cookie cake and soda, while others set up whole spreads of food or order pizza. We will set up a collapsible table where you can put presents, food, and whatever you want! You may opt to bring a tablecloth and decorations (but no piñatas please!). We have a cooler and fridge you may use upon request, but we do not keep ice stocked. 

For grownup parties, we invite you to bring the wine or beer of your choice (if you want to bring liquor, please discuss this with the director prior to your party; she’s pretty nice). BYOB is permitted during all hours. We do not ID, but we ask that you respect our establishment and not give alcohol to anyone underage. 

Private Parties: 
We offer private parties for those who wish to book the studio before or after normal hours. These should be booked at least two weeks in advance. Speak to the director for pricing and more details. 

 Pottery Parties and Events
General KT Rules:

Because we have quite a bit of glass in the studio, we ask that everyone keep their shoes on. There is no running outside of the pirate ship. We ask that everyone playing in the pirate ship is respectful of others and of Kil’n Time property; play at your own risk. Those throwing the party should bring adequate chaperones for children.