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Summer Art Camp
Kil’n Time Summer Camp 2018!

Camp will be held Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from June 6th to July 27th. 
Each camp will start at 12:00 PM and go to 2:00 PM. 

We will take a break for snack time, and we will provide snacks and drinks, but you are also welcome to bring a packed lunch. 

Children ages seven and above may attend camp without an adult present to supervise, but children under seven will need to be accompanied by an adult for the duration of camp.

The price for each camp is $60 per day or $170 per week. You may choose to come to just one day or one week of art camp, or you could come all summer long! 

All materials used are non-toxic and washable, but due to the nature of the activity we will be doing, it is recommended that children wear old clothes that can get messy! 

Call us at (423)573-9950 or stop by the store to sign your kids up for camp! 

**Must pre-register children for art camp by no later than Tuesday of every week!**

Wednesdays: Acrylic Canvas Painting

Painting class will begin with an introduction to Acrylic Painting where campers will learn beginner techniques for painting with Acrylics. Campers will then explore the medium and techniques learned on their own to practice before being introduced to their very own canvas! From there, we will guide your campers through painting their very own canvas with Acrylic paint.  

Thursdays: Paint Your Own Pottery

Thursdays will be an introduction to what Kil'n Time is best known for: our ceramics! Campers will get to paint their very own bisque tiles and from there learn about the stages of dipping, loading, and firing their pieces will go through in order to be transformed from matte bisque to a bright and shiny ceramic piece! 

Fridays: Fused Glass 

Friday classes will introduce campers to our fused glass! Campers will be introduced to the process of fusing glass, meeting our glass kiln and learning about how we fire glass pieces. From there, they will create their very own unique glass piece to be fired and take home to treasure.